There has not been a more important time for leaders and their organisations to focus on a clear and cogent purpose.  For leaders to better understand and care about their impact on each other,  their people, their business and the world. The arrival of conscious millennials, the imperative of diversity, the rise of external influencers in the forms of #metoo, #extinctionrebellion and more, all require a meaningful response.  The time is now for businesses to listen and to act.

At JL&M we can help you to uncover what is working for you and where your gaps are.  We can support you to develop your leaders and your people and best of all, help you to help yourselves.

JL&M was set up by Jane Mitchell in 2006.  She cut her professional teeth at the BBC in London, in the production teams of a number of iconic television programmes including Tomorrow’s World, Horizon, Blue Peter and Grange Hill.  As it turns out the leaders she had the privilege to work with there, and the learning from those formative years, have been so significant in her subsequent career that they have led her to  where she is now; helping and guiding clients to recognise, build and lead cultures of integrity.

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