How we do it 

Jane works with a group of outstanding associates from around the world, who bring expertise in business, values, ethics, communication, leadership, engagement and culture assessments.

Inquisitive – now, that was a good question, and you nailed what I was thinking, but not saying…” Executive Committee member in one to one coaching

Values and Ethics 

Values aren’t always fit for purpose, and sometimes don’t exist at all.  Our work with a variety of organisations; small, non-profit, large, global, all come down to the same thing – to get values to be meaningful and embedded into behaviours, decision-making, systems and processes. A company’s compliance function is often central to this activity as ‘living’ values always support the success, or otherwise, of any compliance programme. Communicating a strong set of words and plastering them on to walls is just a part of the story. Creating or refreshing values requires engagement, from everyone. If values are intended for everyone to own and be responsible for then there is no better place to start than with those key people. With a variety of methods, from face to face discussions at all levels, to document and sentiment reviews, to surveys and voting, we’ve helped organisations in a number of sectors to successfully identify, agree and rollout their values.  In all cases they recognise the importance of the rhetoric meeting the reality.

Caring – you made me feel comfortable to open up in a way that I had never experienced in a ‘business’ workshop…” Group Leader participant in Responsible Leadership workshop

Leadership Behaviours 

Whether an organisation believes that its leadership team, including Executive team, senior leaders and managers are authentic, responsible and ethical, it is here, more often than not that organisations suffer ethical failure. We have worked with companies that have been through traumatic times, and others that haven’t, but all are mindful that supporting leaders to be the best that they can be is critical to long-term success.  A crisis often triggers the need for a face to face programme, equally it can be a review of strategy or an acquisition and a need for cultural alignment. We have designed and facilitated programmes for leadership teams of 20 to 10,000.  We have trained in-house teams to deliver and facilitate for themselves and supported them in their ongoing skills development. We have also provided on-going mentoring and guidance for leaders, particularly in those organisations recovering from trauma.

A leadership programme is only as strong as the impact it has away from the ‘classroom’, and that ethos sits at the heart of our designs and strategic approach.

Challenging – in a way that I couldn’t possibly have done with our CEO…” Head of Business Conduct and Ethics during ethics and values embedding

Truth to Power 

We’ve helped organisations in the financial, energy, aerospace, public services, pharma and non-profit sectors to embed their values and culture of integrity, with a variety of methods, from face to face dialogue (at all levels), document and sentiment analysis, cultural and engagement reviews, surveys and voting. In all cases they recognise how important it is for the rhetoric to meet the reality and the impact that has on their reputation.

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