How we do it 

At JL&M we can help you to uncover what is working for you and where your gaps are.  We can support you to develop your leaders and your people and best of all, help you to help yourselves.

Values and Ethics 

Values aren’t always fit for purpose, and sometimes don’t exist at all.  Our work with all of our clients comes down to the same thing.  By talking to you, learning more about you, engaging with your people and listening to what they have to say, we help you to make values meaningful and get them embedded into behaviours, decision-making, systems and processes.  We work closely with compliance functions as the quality of ‘living’ values always support the success, or otherwise, of your compliance programme. We get close to Communications teams, HR, Finance and to be honest most departments, to better understand and get a clear picture of where values are resonating, where people couldn’t care less, and crucially, why.

If values are intended for everyone to own, be responsible for and understand what they mean for their own behaviours, then we will find out how well you are doing.  We have a variety of rigorous methods that we use from document research and sentiment reviews to surveys and voting mechanisms and the information we uncover will help you.  Most important though are the conversations we have and the nuances we uncover.  We’re very good at connecting rhetoric with reality and then helping you to do what you need to to close the gaps.

Group Leader participant in Responsible Leadership workshop

Leadership Behaviours 

We have worked with companies that have been through traumatic times, and others that haven’t, but all are mindful that supporting leaders to be the best that they can be is critical to long-term success.  Although most organisations believe that its leaders, from the Executive team, through to senior leaders and managers are authentic, responsible and ethical, it is here, more often than not that organisations suffer ethical failure. We work with discrete teams in operational groups, functions and more, and with global teams across an organisation to listen and learn; we gather intelligence, which we turn into insights that help us help organisations develop their people in the right way.

A crisis often triggers the need for coaching or a broader face to face programme, but we’ll also assess cultural alignment across teams or a whole enterprise. Once we’re under the skin of a group of people, we design and facilitate programmes , we give in-house teams the skills and confidence to deliver and facilitate for themselves and our work is built to last. We can design a great ‘classroom’ experience but it’s what happens beyond that that is really important to us.  We have worked in plenty of environments recovering from trauma, it can be very tough for people and if leaders need ongoing guidance we are there to challenge, empathise, listen and support.  And where our clients are simply being proactive and careful, we will work with leaders to keep them mindful, conscious and successful.

Truth to Power 

It can be hard to give the most senior leaders in an organisation news that they don’t want to hear. There might be risk attached, to the business, to an organisation’s long-standing strategy, to people.  More often than not whether an organisation has a reputation for openness and candour is directly related to the quality of tone and conduct ‘at the top ‘.  The rhetoric may be convincing, but what is the reality? Giving honest feedback to the most senior people in the organisation is vital if it is to thrive and although we all know this, sometimes culture; fear, indecision, intimidation, prevents it. 

We have a strong background in communication and know how to influence and engage with the most senior people. We are good at joining dots and shining a light on the true impact of behaviours, strategy and goals set at the top. As outsiders we can tell it as it is, be the mouthpiece for an organisation and a deliverer of surprising or unwelcome news. As confidantes to the most senior leaders we help them to right imbalances, keep them aware and their feet on the ground.

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