What we do

Ethics and values

If you go to the trouble of defining your organisation’s values, you should want to know that they are living and breathing. You are facing unprecedented amounts of scrutiny, and sometimes unwanted.  It is most likely that you intend your values to be positive, and a force for good, but do you know if the words convert into a culture of integrity?   Do you know if your colleagues, teams, leaders, care enough about them to want to take responsibility and ownership for them?

We can help you explore the answers.

Leadership behaviours

At the heart of your culture are your leaders and managers.  They are crucial in determining ‘the way things are done’. In stressful times; through growth, change or crisis, you need to equip leaders with the human skills, the awareness and consciousness of how they lead.  Sometimes it will be a refresh, sometimes it will require significant shifts in behaviours.  We can help you determine what those shifts need to be and work with leaders individually or through the design of great leadership programmes in ways that help them to be the change that they would like to see.

Truth to power 

Most organisations believe that they have the right systems, processes, behaviours, values and people in place to deliver sustainable performance. After all, the numbers are positive proof. Or are they? Organisations do have these crucial elements by and large, but how well connected are they to encourage a healthy culture? It requires honest conversations and willing leaders to ask the right questions, to listen and welcome ‘disappointing’ news. Leaders need support to make connections, see the hidden signals, and the time to reflect on how they are doing and whether they are pointing in the right direction.

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