Who we are  

Jane works with a group of outstanding associates from around the world, who bring expertise in business, values, ethics, communication, leadership, engagement and culture assessments.

JL&M was set up by Jane Mitchell in 2006.  She cut her professional teeth at the BBC in London, in the production teams of a number of iconic television programmes including Tomorrow’s World, Horizon, Blue Peter and Grange Hill.  As it turns out the leaders she had the privilege to work with there, and the learning from those formative years, have been so significant in her subsequent career that they have led her to  where she is now; helping and guiding clients to recognise, build and lead cultures of integrity.

Typically, this is what our clients say about us....

“Challenging – in a way that I couldn’t possibly have done with our CEO…” Head of Business Conduct and Ethics during ethics and values embedding

“Caring – you made me feel comfortable to open up in a way that I had never experienced in a ‘business’ workshop…”
Group Leader participant in Responsible Leadership workshop

“Inquisitive– now, that was a good question, and you nailed what I was thinking, but not saying…”
Executive Committee member in one to one coaching session

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